Programming Offered


Homework Assistance and Academic Achievement

LSNC's Afterschool Program has a large focus in supporting homework completion and reaching Common Core academic standards in our students. Our staff, in addition to our tutors from Fordham University, is devoted in providing our students with the support needed in order for them to complete their homework assignments and also foster the development in their academic skills. Our staff also provides supplemental materials in order to further enhance knowledge and skills in our students.

Fitness and Health

One of our goals in the LSNC Afterschool Program is to provide health and fitness focused programming. Our aim is to increase students' awareness of healthy living and improve their confidence and teamwork. Two of our main fitness activities are Mind and Body Builders (La Palestra) and Super Soccer Stars. La Palestra combines socialization, exercise, nutrition, and basic anatomy lessons to teach child how the mind and body work together to create a healthy individual. Meanwhile, Super Soccer Stars teaches the basic of soccer in a non-competitive environment designed to build self-confidence and develop teamwork. They have been a huge success among are participants.

Cultural Opportunities

With our current collaboration with Lincoln Center, the After School program not only enriches our students academically, but also exposes them to the highest quality and widest variety of activities, performance, and cultural institutions possible. Lincoln Center has sponsored dance classes where our students learned about Flamenco, Brazillian Maraca Tu, and Mime. In addition, we have been able to visit many interactive performances and as well as receive tickets to shows presented at the New York Philharmonic and New York City Ballet.

Fordham Law

Fordham Law is one of our programs provided for our 4th and 5th grade students where they become knowledgeable of the law and our basic human rights. Our students learn law terms that are used in the court system, thus developing an understanding of how the court system works in our society. By the end of the semester, students participate in a mock trial where they are able demonstrate what they have learned and experience what it is like to debate in court.

Visual and Performing Arts

Other extracurricular activities provided by our Afterschool program consist of art, music, and drama through the help of our specialists. Learning such disciplines allows our students to able to expand their knowledge and valuable skills outside of their academics and learn through these mediums to express themselves constructively and well as build self-esteem, gain confidence, and build character. Ultimately, our students grow to become well-rounded individuals.

Parental Involvement:

As part of its mission to serve the whole community, LSNC continuously seeks to increase communication and improve relationships with the parents of our Afterschool participants. We maintain communication through social media. For example, Facebook and Instagram pages have been designed to inform parents of upcoming trips, share photos, and increase parental participation in the program. We also have created a parent email database which has helped increase communication with parents otherwise unable to be present to speak with our staff. We also host monthly showcases and town halls to allow parents to see their child’s progress first hand and voice feedback on program improvement.