Our curriculum

Language Development

We also introduce children to pre-reading and pre-writing activities depending on their age and readiness. The activities involve recognition of letters, words, labels, charts, and books. The foundation for a child's ability to learn and socialize is language acquisition and development. 

Mathematical Readiness

We incorporate math into daily life by measuring, counting, grouping, estimating, and comparing sizes, weights, and shapes.


Discovering, observing, and expressing how things work, where things live, how food grows, and so much more is an important part of our Science curriculum. We teach children to think critically about themselves and the world around us through experiments, exploration, and discovery.


Learning about the world around us continues in our Social Studies curriculum as we learn about our neighborhood, state, country, and cultures. We also learn about rules and jobs and why we have them. The Mabel Barrett staff model appropriate, safe, and healthy behaviors for the children. We also learn how to be good friends – including sharing, communicating, and playing with each other appropriately.



In addition to exploring academic skills, our curriculum allows each child to explore his/her creativity through art and music. We explore the arts through activities such as creating with play dough, drawing, painting, building with art supplies, and so much more. We explore music through activities such as dance and movement, making a band with our classroom instruments, learning about cultural forms of music, and going to free live performances during the summer.


Physical development plays an integral part in a child's academic development. Fine motor skills are developed through activities such as games and puzzles, art, manipulative play, sand and water play, and cutting with scissors. Gross motor skills and coordination are enhanced through activities such as playing on the playground, hopscotch, jump rope, riding bicycles, and playing soccer, catch, and basketball.