Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Do you teach the children or do you just babysit?

A. Our Early Childhood Center offers a full curriculum that provides challenging and stimulating activities that develop the child intellectually, artistically, emotionally, physically, and socially in a safe and fun environment.


Q. Do the children play all day long?

A. Children learn through play and hands-on activities. Play, in fact, is work to them. Children use carefully selected materials and educational games to explore, experiment, discover and learn about the world around them.


Q. Will my child learn to read and write?

A. Our program offers a wide variety of experiences designed to familiarize the child with letters, words, and sentences in spoken and written forms. These experiences include activities such as reading, dictating and writing stories, scribbling, learning how to be an author and/or illustrator, manipulating letters, and recognizing sounds, rhymes, and their own names.


Q. Will my child be ready for Kindergarten?

A. In our Early Childhood Center , children will acquire all the necessary knowledge and skills to do well in Kindergarten. They will learn how to concentrate, follow directions, determine similarities and differences, sequence events, recognize patterns, and much more. Our curriculum includes Language Development, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, and Physical Development. Furthermore, our children learn how to work in group settings while building self-confidence and social skills.


Q. How does your Early Childhood Center compare to public school?

A. Our Early Childhood Center offers a challenging curriculum to meet the developmental needs of the children. Our staff are certified or in school to obtain certification in Early Childhood Education or Special Education. The Teacher to Child Ration is adjusted in Early Childhood Centers to provide children with more individual attention. The hours of our Center are longer to accommodate our working families and we are open all year except for major holidays and Staff Professional Development Days (see the holiday schedule in the Parent Resources Tab).