Featured offerings

Preschool - Early Childcare Support

Our Early Childhood Center provides a “home away from home” in which children and their families can feel like a part of an extended family that cares about their growth and development.

Afterschool Program

In keeping with the mission, Youth Empowered To Succeed (YES) and Summer Camp Programs strive to engage and support the educational, social, cultural and recreational/health needs of children in an effort to prepare them to successfully address future challenges and to become better decision makers.

Older Adults

Maintain independence, improve their quality of life. As community members aged, LSNC developed new services and created new partnerships to meet these emerging needs. Now, senior Connections builds on our history as a community-driven settlement house. We leverage the social capital of our community residents by leveraging the community's strengths and making the community's cultures, traditions and rich history the foundation of all or our programs and services.

Technology Learning Center: LSNC-s state-of-the-art Technology Learning Center provides computer training for children, youth, older adults and the community. As part of our mission to meet the educational and social needs of this community, our goal, by using technology, is to provide a vehicle to empower individuals and the neighborhood in ways that benefit the entire community and make us a vital neighborhood resource, able to improve their educational and personal goals. Our Technology Learning Center offers computer-based instruction for all of our program participants, from the very young to those in our community who have lived a great deal longer and includes participants from our Preschool, After-School, Day Camp, Adolescent, Young Adult and Senior Programs. We serve 150 older adults, 110 children, and 120 young adults. LSNC's Technology Learning Center is dedicated to increasing access to information for our seniors and young people who remain on the negative side of the digital divide. Ninety five percent (95%) of seniors who first sign up for our computer classes have little or no computer experience. Our computer instructors help our seniors overcome their fear of technology. We are also deeply committed to strengthening technology literacy for our young people, 75% of whom have no computers in their homes, and are challenged daily in a community in which the opportunities and resources for economic and educational advancement are limited. We provide homework help, tutoring, project based learning and the ability to sharpen the technology skills that are critical to their ability to compete and succeed in education and employment. We believe that our members deserve access to technology; so that, they can be creative, technologically literate and life-long learners.